Planner instructions

This glider dreams of becoming your creative assistant!

Many things in it are intuitive, but just in case we will clarify some points.

On the title page, you can enter your phone number or another way to communicate in case the notebook gets lost:

Next comes a calendar and a page for the most ambitious plans for the year. Often at the end of the year I am surprised that everything turns out to be possible!

Next is a page where we write down 5 points that we would like to do daily. This is used to acquire useful habits for yourself. There are more lines here, because during the year, when some habits have already been developed or, conversely, have not taken root, you can change them to others.

After each turn with weeks here in this field, you can paint over circles with completed rituals from this list every day. It can be a sport, a book, learning a language or a coin in a piggy bank, anything. For example, this field looks like this if on Monday I managed to complete items 3 and 4 of my daily tasks, on Tuesday item 3, and on Wednesday only item 2.


And in the notation field, you can draw your own symbols used in planning. For example, I put an asterisk next to an event if I receive some unexpected gift or surprise. Next to the work that has not yet been completed, I draw a circle, and when I do it, I paint it over. Sometimes I paint over half: it means it’s started, but it needs to be finished.

Then there are U-turns with weeks, one is placed on each U-turn. it is assumed that the to-do list will go in columns under the dates, but I did not separate them clearly. Sometimes one thing is recorded for two or three days, sometimes you want to sketch or paste something, so the space is not divided by days, but simply lined with small barely noticeable dots for convenience.

In the “This week” field, the main ideas of the week are recorded. They can also be marked with a circle that can be painted over or ticked when the job is done.

To the left of this field is a calendar with the current month and the current week highlighted on it. You can circle significant days or events and see how much time is before them.

And finally – a schedule that monitors the sleep mode. Every day, the time of ascent is marked with a transparent circle, the time of lights–out is painted over. After that, all the transparent circles are connected by one line, all the painted ones are connected by the second one. The smoother the lines, the more productive and energetic we feel. The completed graph looks, for example, like this:

This means that on Monday I got up at 6, and went to bed at half past ten, on Tuesday I got up at half past seven, and so on.

At the end of the glider there are pages just in a dot – they are for recording important moments, delicious recipes and for happy tickets!

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